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Discount Line card PrintingLine card printings have been around since the early days of the printing press. Businesses quickly learned the value of printing cheap line cards. It was an economical way to communicate their product line to prospective customers  by direct mail and personal handout.  The internet has, in many ways, dilluted businesses marketing efforts with mass emails (spam), websites, and viral videos. It's hard to stand apart in the electronic sea of banner ads, email, social media, etc. Businesses have now come full-circle, realizing the need for the printed linecard and other printed media and in particular, direct mail printing.  Clever marketers realize that direct mail printing now sets them apart from the overwhelming noise of the electronic media and allows them to pitch their message undivided. Sometimes it's just a clever choice of words, a simple picture or graphic and logo that does nothing more than a push the prospect to their website where the url is printed on the line card, which leads the prospective customer to their site for more information. The name of the game in the printed line card is to communicate your product line and getting the customer's attention. The printed line card that gets the attention of your target audience, is a job well-done.

So how do you get the attention of your target audience with you sell sheet or line card? A few ideas are listed below:

Highlight your premier product on the sell sheet and line card. Print the sell sheet with special offers to try your product. Some choose to print coupons offering free gifts or free gift with purchase, offer free shipping, discounts and print invitations to your open house.

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