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Support your favorite candidate, cause, team or organization with a bumper sticker. Advertise your business, announce an event, or brag about your school with an eye-catching slogan printed on a full color bumper sticker.

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Cheap Bumper Sticker Printing


Bumper stickers are an inexpensive way to create buzz about your business. Give away fun, free unique bumper stickers with each sale to create customer loyalty and name recognition.

  • UV Coated Paper bumper stickers for short term temporary use, perfect for political campaigns and event advertising.
  • UV Coated Latex bumper stickers will last up to 6 months.
  • UV Coated Vinyl bumper stickers are the most durable, designed for extreme temperatures and weather resistance.

Before you upload your file, please be sure your files are saved as a high-resolution PDF file, which means it should be exported using the OPTIMIZED FOR PRESS from Adobe Acrobat® or use PDFX1A settings. If your artist has used transparency layers, you can overcome some problems by converting all elements to CMYK and removing all RGB and Spot Color elements and information from your file and then flattening all transparency layers. These preflights are availabe through Acrobat Professtional®. Be sure to give your file a final look before uploading. Once they file is uploaded, they are quickly processed.


1) Choose your Product

Select a product by clicking on the product name. Fill out the product details: project title, quantity, paper, bindery details, etc. and proceed to file upload area ot upload your files. Bumper Stickers are to be supplied as 11"x3" pages + 1/8" bleeds for a total size of 11.25"x3.25" to be submitted as a one page PDF file. All pages must include 1/8" bleeds making the pdf size 11.25"x3.25". If you are unsure of any of these settings, contact our customer support department at support@printmonkey.com. Templates can be found on our template page.

2) Upload files

After you upload the files please click on the Continue button to add the product into the shopping cart. Choose the turnaround time and proceed to checkout.

3) Checkout

Select your payment method and shipping address. Click Continue to review your order. Click on Submit to finish. Your credit card will be charged and we will email you your invoice immediately.

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