Envelope Insert Printing

A printed envelope insert printing which helps you promote your business or organization with vibriant, full-color inks. At the size of 8.5 x 3.6", these color printed inserts, fit nicely into a standard #10 envelope making your envelope insert printing campaign a successful endeavor. 

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Cheap Envelope Inserts

Printing inserts is an ideal for promoting your new product or service event or they used to announce a sale, promote a new products, or serve as a mini printed newsletter. For a few extra cents, the envelope printed stuffer is an ideal way to announce a new product while sending your clients a statement, invoice or other correspondence in the same envelope.

PrintMonkey's envelope inserts are printed using vibrant, four color process printing with enviromentally friendly, soy-based inks

Printed envelope inserts come on a sturdy, 100# Gloss text [book] paper stock and are printed in 4 color process on both sides [4/4] or just one side [4/0].

  • Single Panel Envelope Insert - 8.5" x 3.6" [Landscape Insert] Bleed Size: 8.75" x 3.90"
  • Single Panel Envelope Insert - 3.6" x 8.5" [Portrait Insert] Bleed Size: 3.90 x 8.75"

Online Envelope Insert

The power of the printed insert should not be under estimated. I have found that the industries below have all benefited from a added a printed insert campaign as part of their regular marketing plan:

  • Service companies - Use envelope insert printing to upsell other services.
  • Retail stores - Use envelope insert printing to announces sales, or discounts on select products.
  • Banks - Use envelope insert printing to announce interest rate changes on CDs or mortgages.
  • Credit Unions - Use insert printing to encourage their clients finance a new car, contests, etc.
  • Non-Profits - Use insert printing to announce a new walk-a-thon or other fund raising events.
  • Cable companies - Use insert printing to market a pay-per-view event or announce service enhancements.
  • Gym Memberships - Use insert printing to announce new and improved facilities, training schedules, etc.

Virtually any business that sends mail out on a regular basis, should consider including printed inserts. The results of insert printing are proven.


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About Envolpe Printing

A printed envelope stuffer is designed for the business that already sends their existing customers & prospective customers mail on a regular basis. By adding a printed insert into the envelope, you are spreading the word about an new product or service for just pennys. This is a economical way to communicate with your customer your products or services. A insert printing campaign is also an excellent way to regularly disperse information, like policy changes, hours of operations or holiday hours. Many businesses use printed envelope stuffers to cross-sell other services to their customer. For example, one pest control company, who billed his customers monthly, included an insert in the bill explaing the need for a termite inspection. He increased his business substantially with the one printed inserts campaign so much, he continued to offer new specials each month and as a result, this printed insert campaign grew his sales so much he hired several more technicians to keep up with the workflow.

Printed inserts are not just for pest control business. Credit card companies know the advbantages of including a printed insert in their statements. It seems they are always sending out offers for this and that, and you know it works because they keep doing it! Sending printed inserts to your customers is a no-brainer. It takes so litle time and money to create the artwork for your insert printing campaign. If you don't have a graphic artist to design your printed insert, give us a call, one of staff designers will be happy to create a printed stuffer design that will grab the attention you're looking for.

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