Premium Business Cards

  • Available Sizes: 3.5" x 2" & 3.5" x 4" (Fold-over type)
  • Paper Stock: Gloss enamel coated two sides, 14pt board.
  • Printed business cards in four color process on one or two sides (4/4 or 4/0) Coatings: Clear Gloss UV Coating on printed side(s)
  • "Your first contact should include a business card."
  • Upload your own artwork or design online!
  • Fast turn around!
  • Full color business card printing with UV coating!
  • Special! Order Now! And Get 1000 Cards for only $25.00! Coupon Code 
Cheap Business Cards


Cheap Business Cards

Don't under estimate the value of your business card printing. Business card printing has been around since the invention of the printing press and its not going away any time soon. When meeting a new client or prospect for the first time, it's customary to hand them your printed business card soon after or even before the hand shake. The printed business card should be a representation of your company. The basic design of a printed business card should display your company logo, which is, your company identity, as well as your name and title, business address, telephone number(s) and email address. The printed business cards should also look impressive and impart a sense of security and confidence, like business cards printed on a heavy cardstock. Flimsy or cheap business cards or rather, cheap-looking business cards can instill insecurity in the client's mind. Printed business card graphics should also be considered important when designing your printed business card. Well-placed graphics related to your industry can have a profound effect on how you and your company are perceived and how you are remembered. Plain or boring business cards are easy to forget and likely not the best first impression. Give your business card printing careful thought, and you'll be happier with the end result!

Online Cards

Printed business cards are an important item for any business professional. Fold over business cards allow you to multiply the information given to clients or prospects each time its given out . It's a good way to give your physical address or website address, list of services or to spotlight certain products with the extra room to express yourself and your work.

Fold-Over Business Card Sample

At, we have a number of different paper stocks in various color and textures, as well as custom ink mixing at our facility to create almost any ink color. We foil stamp, emboss, diecut, score, perforate, laminate, UV Coating, virtually anything you can imagine being done to paper, we can do for you. These services are available to you through our customer service line at (888) 744-5454 or online, using the custom quote link. Print for success!

Want an and over-the-top card with foil, embossing or special die cut shape? We can do it! Tell us what you want on your custom business cards by using our custom quote link.


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About Business Card Printing

It's likely that you have a stack of printed business cards tucked away somewhere. They're not your own printed business cards, they are a collection of business cards that others have given you to market their brand, products and services to you. This is the power of a doing a business card printing. A business card printing is marketing where the rubber-meets-the road. At the time of a meeting, a first imprression, a printed business card usually follows the handshake and sometimes immediately precedes the handshake. A business card printing is the common way of telling the person, who you are and what you represent. Even more, printed business cards communicate confidence, style and security. How can a printed business card do all that? There are many factors to consider when doing a business card printing. First off, the design and copy on the printed business cards says a lot about you. The paper used in the business card printing is also important, as it should feel strong, instilling a sense of security and confidence, boldness - all good motivators in marketing. The colors used in the business card printing design should also be strongly thought out. For those who travel abroad, they should think about how the colors used in the business card priting will be received in the countries of which they are traveling. Colors are also percieved differently in different industries. For example, a sales person selling power tools to contractors, would not be winning sales with a business card priting in pink or purple inks. Printed business cards with gold foil and embossed logos may make the prospective client of a high end marketing company all the more comfortable. Remember these tidbits of of business card priting wisdom and you'll accomplish the image you are shooting for. At, our printed business cards are a nice blend of a thick and surdy, enamel coated card stock, four color process printing, and high gloss UV coatings. This design works well for many, however, we do much more on the custom side, so feel free to let your imagination run wild and request a custom quote for your next business card printing

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