Rack Card Printing

Our standard printed rack cards are printed on a rigid - enamel coated on both sides (C2S). .  

Rack Card printing


Cheap Rack Cards

  • Printed rack cards are available in the following configurations:
  • Rack card printing in full color on both sides.
  • Rack card printing in full color on front only.
  • Rack card printing or full color front and black ink on back.
  • Dimensions: 4" W x 9" H [Fits most standard racks]
  • Paper Thickness: 14 Point [.014" caliper]
  • Paper Type: Enamel Coated Two Sides
  • Print Options: Four Color Process (full color) one side, both sides, or with black ink on back side.
  • High-Gloss UV Coating on printed sides

Online Rack Cards

Prepare your artwork for Rack Card Printing

Before you upload your rack card printing file, please be sure your files are saved as a high-resolution PDF file, which means it should be exported using the Optimized For Press setting from Adobe Acrobat® or use PDFX1A settings. If your artist has used transparency layers in your rack card printing file, you can overcome some problems by converting all elements to CMYK and removing all RGB and Spot Color elements from your print file, then flatten all transparency layers. These preflights are availabe through in InDesign, Acrobat Professtional®, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If you do not any of these Adobe products, you may be able to download and use other 3rd party PDF creators as well as other desktop programs which export or save in PDF format. Be sure to give your file a final look before uploading. Once they file is uploaded, they are quickly processed.

Rack card printing files are to be supplied as 4"x9" pages + 1/8" bleeds for a total size of 4.25"x9.25" to be uploaded as one PDF file for the front , another for the back. If you are unsure of any of these settings, contact our customer support department at support@printmonkey.com.

Rack Card Printing Templates can be downloaded free on our template page.

SPECIAL NOTE: Rack cards are printed head-to-head based on the orientation of your PDF file - not the image. If you wish to have your rack card printed head-to-foot, you must supply the artwork with on page rotated 180 degrees. For more information on proper artwork setup, view our help page article: "How to prepare your artwork"

Short Run Rack Card Printing

Rack cards are used world-wide in a number of commerical advertising campaigns where foot traffic is significant:

  • Hotels - Frequently seen in advertising special services, day trips, tours, points of interest, landmarks, etc.
  • Restaurants - Announcing dinner specials, a new cuisine, special events, etc.
  • Retail Stores - Offering coupons on announcing new products or sale events.
  • Health Clubs - Advertising Classes or Special Training.
  • Hospitals - Creating awareness, announcing services, patient communications.
  • Travel & Tourism - Let tourists know about theme parks, local restaurants, night clubs, etc.


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About Rack Card Printing

Rack Card Printing - There are few printed instruments more effective than a Printed Rack Card. Rack card printing creates printed rack cards that are designed to be placed in high traffic areas, These high-gloss, full-color, printed rack cards can be highly effective in promoting new or existing products, services or special events. Restaurants may use printed rack cards as take home menus, while event promoters use printed rack cards as well, and some include tearout coupons of which people pass around to their friends. By doing this, the printed rack card is passed around one or two more times multiplying the results of your rack card printing campaign, as imuch as two to three times that of regular rack card printing. Retail establishments use rack card printing to announce an upcoming sale or take home coupons are printed on the rack card. Rack card printing is especially valuable in tourist areas. Tourists who are strolling around, looking for the next thing to do, are often open to receiving a printed rack card that is strategically placed in their field of view on a rack with other printed rack cards, at or near information booths.

When designing artwork for rack card printing, think about including an offer or discount. You'll be surprised how much more effective they are when offering a discount, or free gift. Mulitple 'Tearout' offers are a great way to increase your results of your printed rack cards.

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